What Are Pokies, Where to Find Them, and How to Own Them

Before we get to the really important details, such as features that can land you big winnings, you need to first understand how slot machines work. Therefore, I will figuratively assemble a slot machine for you so that you are able to approach it in a way that will be profitable for you in the long run. Look at it this way — if you want to beat your enemy, you need to get to know them first. Even though pokies are a game, and a rather entertaining one at that, gambling for real money is not to be taken lightly. Everything is fun and games until you find yourself on a losing streak. However, you do not need to worry, because by learning about the game, you will acquire the knowledge essential for responsible gambling. Without further ado, let us get to work.

Casino Game for Lucky Players

First of all, it is highly important to accentuate the difference between slot games and strategy games. The latter ones, such as poker, require particular skills that need to be acquired and practised. Pokies, on the other hand, are a game of chance, or a game of luck, whichever expression you like better. To put it simply, landing a winning combination or triggering one of the special features entirely depend on luck. Therefore, if you consider yourself a person born under a lucky star, pokies are a game for you.

Nevertheless, the nature of the game does not mean you cannot affect the outcome at all. There are certain tricks that can prove to be quite useful when you know how to take advantage of them. Luckily for you, I am here to give you insight into that kind of information. With some simple tips, you will be able to have an impact on the result of the game and increase your chances of winning, although your lucky star may be on strike. However, before we dive into the tips and tricks kind of talk, you need to know…

Where to Play Pokies

Fortunately, finding a casino that holds this popular game is a piece of cake. You have two options at your disposal — entering a land-based casino and spinning the reels while enjoying the atmosphere, or sitting comfortably in your home and playing online slots. Whatever the case, the selection of pokies is quite abundant. You can choose among a wide range of different themes, according to graphics, or both. There are almost no limits.

If you consider yourself an old-school kind of gambler, the idea of watching the reels spin live probably appeals to you more than sitting in front of a computer. In that case, you can hit the town and choose among the vast number of places that hold slot machines, as in Australia, these places are really numerous. The one-armed bandits are available at casinos, as well as pubs and clubs. However, in regards to responsible gambling, I have to emphasise the importance of choosing only licensed venues.

Make the Internet Your Long-Term Ally

On the other hand, in case you are a modern type of gambler who likes being able to play their favourite game on the go, online casinos are the perfect gambling resort for you. Given the popularity pokies have obtained over the past few decades, the expansion of the Internet only brought more of them. Almost every gambling website offers a selection of slot games.

Nevertheless, not all of them can be trusted. You need to find a licensed online casino that has good reviews. And once you are certain a website is legitimate, check its software provider. That is the key component to high-quality slot machines. After you have checked all of the above, you can browse through the selection of video slots and start playing. One final tip for choosing the right website — see if it offers the possibility of playing for free. That is a nice way to get going without risking your money.

RTP: What to Aim For

Pokies in CasinoRTP stands for “return to player.” It is a rate that expresses the payout percentage a slot machine offers. Therefore, in order to improve your odds of landing a prize, you need to aim for the slots whose RTP rate is high. It usually differs from place to place, and sometimes the information regarding it is not transparent. However, be persistent and don’t trust any casino, virtual or traditional, with your money until you know the RTP rate. However, I must mention that you are more likely to come across a slot machine with high RTP online than in the real world. Land-based casino, as numerous as they may be, are always scarce in comparison to their online counterparts. Given that fact, they can dictate the terms, while on the Internet, it is the other way around. Keep that in mind, and don’t settle for less, but strive for more.

RNG: An Important Device

Gambling can be an entertaining and profitable activity, only on the condition that it is fair. However, the only way it can be fair is for the outcome to be unpredictable. And that is only possible when the game is controlled by the RNG — the random number generator. It makes the results random, which is the way they are supposed to be. Otherwise, the operators can set the game to work in their favour. So always make sure the game is fair before you place a wager. There is no point in playing any game unless you can at least hope to win, is there?

Hit the Jackpot

Not figuratively, but literally. Search for a slot game that offers the possibility of landing a progressive jackpot. It is the favourite feature among slot players for a good reason. When I am done explaining how it works and what its purpose is, you will be one of those players too.

The progressive jackpot represents a prize pool that grows every time a player makes a bet. Not every time you make a bet, but every time anyone playing that particular game makes a bet. You can only imagine how big that amount can get, given the circumstances. Hitting the progressive jackpot is the moment when your luck should be at its peak, as it does not depend on the combination of symbols, as you might expect. It can be triggered at the end of any game and surprise you with a rather generous reward.

Symbols and Bonuses: Spice up the Game

Of course, pokies have more surprises in store for you. Bonuses are something every gambler looks forward to, regardless of the game they play. It is probably the feeling of getting something for free that makes the bonuses so desirable. First of all, when you enter a casino for the first time, you may be greeted with a welcome bonus. If the casino policy allows it, you can use it to spin the reels of a slot game. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you managed to win big investing absolutely no money?

In addition to the welcome bonus the casino offers, pokies are designed to offer some bonuses of their own. As you will see when you start playing, every slot machine has the wild and the scatter symbols. The wild acts as a substitute for the other ones, making it easier for you to land a winning combination. On the other hand, the scatter symbol is valuable wherever it appears on the playing reels. It can act as a multiplier, or as a key to unlocking another beloved slot feature — free spins.

Determine Your Limits Yourself

Other than the land-based vs virtual machines, there is another distinction I must mention. That one is relevant to the amount of money you are willing to risk, so pay close attention.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and a generous amount of money you can afford to lose (let’s face it, that is an option too), the high volatility slot machines should be your choice. They do not deliver payouts often, but when they do, you will rejoice at their amount.

On the other hand, if you have just begun spinning the reels and you don’t want to take great risks, choose low volatility machines. They imply payouts that are far more frequent, although significantly smaller.

Make the Most out of Every Spin

Take all the pieces of advice I have given you into consideration. Also, take your time when choosing the venue and the machine because your chances greatly depend on them. Set your own terms, and don’t feel pressured into risking a lot, especially in the beginning. The point is to have fun, so spin the reels and enjoy.

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